Lead, Live and Speak
Your Heart's Desires.

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Fearless Masterclass Series: Lead and Speak with Heart and Emotional Resilience

Deli Moussavi

With Deli Moussavi

Leadership, Communication and Emotional Resilience Expert

Having spent 20 years, well over 10,000 hours transforming cultures and teams with Fortune 500 organizations, schools, nonprofits and government agencies around the world, Deli opens up her world-class skills training to all who seek and desire to lead their work and their lives aligned with their heart's desires.

Are You a Leader, Entrepreneur or Educator who is tired of mediocre? Bored of small change?   

Break through mental and emotional barriers to create your heart's desires.

Transform the way you lead and work.

Lead and speak your heart’s desires into existence 

Deepen your confidence, resilience and self-respect

Address and resolve conflict effectively

Masterfully de-escalate yourself and others

Transform your level of presence and results

Be and create your own calm

Deepen your most important relationships

Build trust and respect with yourself and others

Speak your truth to power with skill and compassion

Build an internal sense of wellbeing and psychological
safety that no one can take away from you

Ask for what you need in productive ways

Rave Reviews

There are speakers and consultants out there, and then there are OUTSTANDING speakers who are also terrific PEOPLE with unique gifts to share, and Deli Moussavi is a remarkable human being who brings it to the next level. Her material is fresh, relevant, and extremely thought-provoking.

I have witnessed first-hand her ability to connect with people on a level few speakers can.  Her ability to touch an audience is nothing short of remarkable. She truly is in a class by herself! She knows how to connect – to REALLY connect. Deli has a rare gift that she willingly shares with others, the unique ability to connect with people’s hearts as well as their heads.

Her presentations are inspiring, engaging, purposeful, and interactive. Deli is a dynamic and compelling speaker and facilitator who leaves her audiences better than she found them.